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Our craftsmen work by hand using both age-old techniques and cutting-edge technologies to create a visually stunning result that is unique to your home.

Carefully controlled and hand-checked processes ensure a high-quality finish that will last a lifetime.

BONA FINISH2018-05-14T13:31:00+01:00

The super matte sheen of the Bona finish creates an attractive, sleek oiled wood effect.

This surface finish was originally created for the hospitality industry; its flexibility resists cracks and chips and is ideal for high usage areas such as restaurants. The finish also contains an anti-slip agent and is longer lasting than harder and thicker polyurethanes.

COATING – UV URETHANE & UV OIL2018-05-14T13:31:11+01:00

UV Urethane refers to the specially formulated UV Cured Polyurethane Acrylate coating process we use to provide a long-lasting resilient finish on our hardwood floors. The coating is high in scratch resistance and is specifically designed for optimum durability. However, if over time, the sheen on the floor diminishes due to natural wear and tear from foot traffic, it can be easily revitalised using recommended wood polish and cleaning products.

UV Oil describes the coating process where natural oils are combined with chemical modifiers and photo initiators to harden and fortify under UV light. This provides a cleaner and more even finish in comparison to on-site natural oil finish. Our UV Cured Oil system also offers better chemical properties with improved scratch resistance that lasts longer when compared to purely natural oils. As it is still an oiled surface, regular cleaning and maintenance is required to keep oiled floors revitalised and looking like new.

FUMED AND SMOKED WOOD2018-05-14T13:31:17+01:00

The centuries old European craft of fuming and smoking exposes the wood to small amounts of ammonia in a controlled environment. The ammonia reacts with the natural tannins; the longer the wood is exposed, the darker it becomes.

Fuming describes the initial surface treatment which creates a rich colour range from warm chocolate to the elegance of almost-black. Smoking takes the process one step further by ingraining the colour deep into the wood itself.

Semi-fumed involves the process of exposing only the surface of the wood to ammonia in variable quantities to achieve a lighter result of amber hues than the process of smoking or fuming.

European Oak is the optimum choice for fuming and smoking because its high tannin content creates a palette of rich wood tones. As the intensity of the reaction depends on the tannin content in the wood, each board reacts slightly differently to create a result that marries blended floor colour with unique and distinctive variations.

HAND-SCRAPED OR BRUSHED2018-05-14T13:31:23+01:00

Hand-scraped floors refers to the process employed by our artisans to create a ‘distressed’ antique look and feel. Using metal gouges, chisels and hand planes each plank is individually crafted to create a refined aged texture that is still smooth to the touch. This highlights the layered tones and textures and accentuates the depth and dimension of each plank.

Hand-scraped floors are created with love and craftsmanship which means that no two planks are identical. Together the planks create a flooring evocative of a bygone era adding individual character and charm to a room whilst maintaining under-foot comfort.

MATT FINISH2018-05-14T13:31:29+01:00

Matt finish gives a natural look and showcases the grain of the wood itself. UV cured oil and white oil are applied to create lighter hues and a distinctive sheen without compromising the final natural look.


Polos describes our proprietary application technique of using colour neutraliser formulas on individual planks. In addition to enhancing the natural colour of wood, this technique creates a distinctive organic look that preserves the raw wood look.

REACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES2018-05-14T13:31:42+01:00

Our proprietary reactive technologies encompass the art of creating and enhancing colour from within the wood itself. The wood is treated with metal salts, which react with the natural tannins and cellulose to replicate the oxidization and maturing process of naturally aged wood. The result is a unique, in-grained ‘aged’ timber render that cannot be duplicated with traditional staining methods.

Double reactive technologies take aged wood rendering to the next level. As with reactive technologies the wood is treated with metal salts to create a unique aged look, the process is then repeated to achieve a greater intensity of colour and further enhance the plank’s individual characteristics.


Staining is the traditional method of enhancing the surface colour of the wood to create depth and tone.


Giving a sophisticated modern look and feel, wire brushed hardwood floors are also known as ‘etched’ or ‘distressed’. The texture can be tailored to individual requirements and is achieved by brushing the wood with steel bristles. This opens the grain, removes the softer surface of the plank to reveal a sub-layer of hard wood. The resulting effect accentuates the contrast in colour and enhanced definition of each plank. This hardwearing flooring is ideal for areas with high traffic.


Neutrino describes our proprietary application technique of using colour neutraliser formulas on individual planks. In addition to enhancing the natural colour of wood, this technique creates a distinctive organic look that preserves the raw wood look for a longer time.

ORIGINAL SAWN PATINA2023-05-16T12:11:50+01:00

Is a natural look of discreet random horizontal saw marks across the width of the plank. This is a characteristic visible in reclaimed and vintage wood, reminiscent of times in a bygone era.


Cupped Edge

The plank is hand-crafted to create an eased edge that accentuates a change in height, a characteristic in reclaimed and vintage floors – which gives the floor a true Old-World touch and feel which runs through the Heritage Collection.

Distressed Edge

A distinctive edge that contributes to the vintage look and adds floor character.
Available in Heritage, Fashion and specific products in the Antique Collection.

Bevelled/Micro Bevelled

Variations in a subtly bevelled edge which creates a versatile look and complements most decors.
Available in After Oak, Colors, Lifestyle (micro bevelled only), Origins, Heritage and Fashion Collections.

Rounded Edge

A slighted eased corner providing an elegant, classic rolled look that almost blends into the floor itself.
Available on specific products in the Antique collection.

Square Edge

Square edge ensures a virtually seamless finish for a sleek, minimalist and contemporary look.
Available in Origins and Heritage Collections.


Accuracy of colour and wood characteristics: whilst we have made every effort to ensure the colours and wood characteristics displayed on our website are as accurate as possible these images may vary from the actual product.